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The members of the Collaborative are listed below. You can contact them individually - or complete the joint Application Form to reach several organizations at the same time who may be able to help you.

Some members work throughout the region, such as Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Farms at Work. Others work at a more local or county level, while Conservation Authorities cover specific geographical areas known as watersheds. If you are not sure which watershed you are in, you can click here to view a map of the watersheds covered by the Collaborative. Still not sure? Visit for even more detailed mapping information on most of our local watersheds.

The support available to you depends on the location of your farm.

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Jenn Lavigne (705) 721-4444

Heather Ray (705) 743-7671

Pam Lancaster (905) 885-8173

Danielle Marcoux-Hunter (705) 328-2271

Thomas Unrau (705) 743-5599

Peter Shuttleworth (905)-895-1281

Ewa Bednarczuk (613) 394-3915

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Peter Doris 613 921 6830

Arlen Leeming 705.868.6446

Robin Brown 705-718-4859

Candace Clark (705) 745-5791