East Central Farm Stewardship Collaborative (ECFSC)

Farmers and Farmland owners!

Are you thinking of making an environmental improvement on your farm? Is your farm located in East Central Ontario?

If so, the East Central Farm Stewardship Collaborative will help you to obtain the maximum support available. In many cases, projects are eligible for funding from more than one member of the Collaborative, and technical assistance (including volunteers if appropriate) may also be available.

Contact one of the partners directly, or use this link to Apply Now to access all the technical support and funding that may be available to you. Your application will be forwarded to a member who will contact you.

We encourage all farms to complete a free Environmental Farm Plan, through Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association. The EFP will help you to assess environmental risks on your farm and suggest ways to reduce these risks. It is an excellent gateway to the funding programs and technical support offered by the members of the Collaborative. 

In 2018 the East Central Farm Stewardship Collaborative was the recipient of a 3 year EcoAction Community Action Fund grant. In those three years the ECFSC provided financial and technical assistance to 27 farmland owners for on-farm clean water projects. See what we accomplished!


  In 2011, the ECFSC was awarded the Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence: 

Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence